Where The Wild Thing Isn’t

Though I often found myself amazed at the comments of strangers soon after Soccer Boy entered the world (“Oh, so you finally got the boy!” or “I bet your husband is happy to have his boy!”), the truth is that it took Adventure Guy and me a while to decide to have a third child.  Well, it took Adventure Guy a while. 

Coming from a family of two children, Adventure Guy found the idea of a third a bit excessive.  He loved his little girls, and they kept us quite busy.  I, on the other hand, didn’t feel “finished.” I come from a family of three children and just knew we had another child waiting for us. Eventually, he came to see it my way, and Soccer Boy arrived shortly thereafter. 

I have to say that, though we didn’t “try for the boy,” I love having children of both sexes.  It’s amazing the diversity of thought and sheer activity level that Soccer Boy brings to the mix.  And for the last week it’s been awfully quiet around here.

Soccer Boy spent the week with my parents, staying on after the rest of the family left last Sunday.  He’s brought plenty of action to his grandparents’ lives, first at the Great Wolf Lodge outside of Dallas where he sped down all the biggest water slides and played the magic quest game around the resort and later by talking my mother into taking him to explore my hometown’s history museum and the local cemetery. 

Yes, he loves cemeteries.  He finds all sorts of interesting historical details in the headstones and reported sightings this trip of numerous Confederate soldiers and someone who had the misfortune of being hit by a train.  It’s a bit ironic that this third child turned out to be the only one who shares my fascination with the past. 

While he’s been away, we’ve experiences life as a family of four.  We’ve learned what we’d forgotten, things like it’s easier to be a “table for four” at restaurants and that ten year old boys and their friends make a lot of noise.  But that extra convenience doesn’t begin to outweigh the joys Soccer Boy brings to the family.  I can’t wait for things to get a bit wilder around here again!


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