All A Twitter

I didn’t jump on the Twitter bandwagon right away.  In fact, I wondered what contributions I could really make 140 characters at a time that I couldn’t make more fully, if not necessarily with more quality, on these pages.

But somehow I’ve gone from ambivalence to using searching for new Twitter backgrounds as a prime means of procrastinating in less than a year.  And do checkout my new background.  It’s pretty cool if I do say so myself.

What I like most about Twitter is not the ability to update my followers (and, okay, it is kinda cool to say things like “my followers”) on a regular basis but the ability to keep up with both my friends and the world at the touch of a button on my iPhone.  Recently I learned about Michael Jackson’s death while fishing in the middle of a lake in Missouri (and the source was Meghan McCain, not one of the news outlets I follow) and the drama surrounding Steve McNair’s unexpected death while hanging out with family in my hometown.  Neither location lends itself to my spending much time in front of the news, so I’m not sure when I would have clued in to the unfolding events otherwise. 

While I can follow friends via other social networking outlets, I find Twitter opens up more connections with bloggers I enjoy (check out Her Bad Mother, MUblogger, and Queen of Shake) as well as with national figures I’m unlikely to be “friending” anywhere else. 

Some of my favorites include the aforementioned Meghan McCain–a fresh spin on Republican politics and thinking and Senator Claire McCaskill–lots of inside take on the workings of the Senate.  I get my news from NPR politics , The New York Times, and George Stephanopoulos.  And, yes, I find myself drawn to other more diverse updates as well such as Corporette’s fashion advice for the workplace and the CDC’s breaking news post–swine flu anyone?

While it may take up more free time (and study time) than I should allow it to, Twitter certainly serves to keep me better informed and better entertained.  So, who else should I be following?



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2 responses to “All A Twitter

  1. Seems like you have a similar breakdown of folks you follow. I’ve loved following media types who attend daily white house press conferences or who travel with the president and send twitpics from those locations. JakeTapper and EdHenrycnn come to mind. I also follow all the american idol performers from this season who are touring – love their updates and pics from the road! Mostly like you I just love always knowing whats going on!

  2. Thanks for the link. I changed my twitter background to an English Countryside.

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