Summer, Sweet Summer

I know I shouldn’t admit it, but I’ve never really gotten over not having a summer vacation anymore.  Yes, I complain when people are surprised that I work year round.  It’s amazing how many people express amazement that we don’t just shut the doors of the schools and offices in May and arrive again with the students in August.  Little details like conducting professional development, hiring teachers, placing textbook orders, ending the fiscal year and budgeting for the next, building a master schedule, enrolling new students, and making class placements don’t just happen by themselves.

I wish they did.  Because if that were so, I’d be able to enjoy a few months off with the kids. And to disabuse anyone of the idea that teachers aren’t working during those months, I am well aware of the amount of time they spend in those professional development sessions and in preparing their lessons for the coming year.  But, it’s not the same as working full-time.  And that’s the adjustment I’m still working on as I watch the cloudless skies outside my office window and read my girls’ updates on Facebook regarding the cupcakes they’re making.  Oh, and also as I try to get everyone to their various summer activities once they return home from camp.

The rest of my summer will be a balancing act of getting my work done and shuttling children to practices, tutoring sessions, day camps, and social commitments.  Though it’s been eleven years since I had the full summer off, I still miss the longer stretches of unscheduled time.  To try to make up for a bit of what I’m missing, I’ll be using some of my vacation days to take three or four-day weekends in July, giving us a little extra time to explore and hang out.  Oh, and I’ll also definitely be eating my share of those cupcakes!


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