Happy Anniversary, Baby

Yesterday, Adventure Guy and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in what has become our fairly typical low-key fashion.  Our trip to Arizona earlier in the month served to officially mark our nineteen years together, so the actual day snuck up on me a bit.  So much so that I turned to him on the night of the 29th and said, “Uh, did you buy cards for tomorrow?”  His response, “Well, did you?”  We quickly determined neither of us had planned ahead and rather gleefully agreed not to exchange anything this year.

I’m sure there could be benefits to being a bit more demanding from year to year, but we like to focus more on the milestone anniversaries.  For our tenth anniversary we took a wonderful trip to Europe, visiting Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein (because we wanted to say we had), and finally Paris. We’re starting to investigate options for next year when we celebrate our 20th.

And while I enjoy dreaming of faraway lands in my future, I have to admit that celebrating at home last night by making pot roast and all the fixins that DD1 has been craving since getting home from camp felt just right.  Adventure Guy and I stole away after dinner to catch The Proposal, which lived up to its billing as a perfect date night movie.  And, in a way, I did end up with a present today…new tires and brakes courtesy of Adventure Guy.  While perhaps not the most romantic gift, they will make our trip to Texas for the 4th much safer. Who could ask for anything more?


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