What I Learned At The Mall

Conversation as I drove the kids to the mall tonight (remember, by driving I rendered myself officially invisible):

Soccer Boy: “When I grow up I’m buying a Corvette.  Just wait.  You say I won’t, but I’m going to, and then I’m going to be the one laughing!”

DD2: “Hmmmm.”

Soccer Boy: “And it’s going to be green.  If they don’t have green by that time, I’m going to spray paint it.  It’s going to be so cool.”

DD2: “Ya, the spray paint will really up the cool factor.”

After that auspicious start–and by the way, my money’s on Soccer Boy but I hope he loses the spray paint idea by the time he’s saved up for the Corvette–we ventured into the mall itself, supposedly to drop off things for tailoring.  But it’s always dangerous to show up there with anyone else along for the trip.  Once we’d gotten DD2’s dance squad uniform pinned for alterations and several pairs of my pants in for hem repairs (really, one of these days I will learn not to catch my heels on them), I made the grave error of offering to look at some shorts for DD1, that effort being necessitated by my unreasonable requirement that she wear shorts that are at least mid-thigh if she plans on darkening the door of our church. 

An hour later we emerged without any shorts but with one swimsuit for each girl and a Homecoming dress for DD1.  And along with our purchases, I left the building with both good news and bad news.

The bad news?  Even my tiny, twelve-year-old daughter who wears a 12 in kids clothing needed to go up a size in bikini bottoms from an extra-small to a small.  In some ways, I guess this is good news in that it helped me realize how ridiculous the cuts on swimsuits are these days.  What grown woman would be able to wear that size?

The good news?  We totally scored on the Homecoming dress.  I’d seen some ads in the paper about markdowns, which inspired me to make a run through the department store in the first place.  But I never expected to snag a formal gown, much less one that looks fabulous on DD1, for under $30.  Lesson learned?  Late summer, post-prom is the perfect time to shop for high school formals. I can’t wait to share pictures of the event in September.



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2 responses to “What I Learned At The Mall

  1. ha ha ha that’s funny. PLEASE don’t let him spray paint it!

  2. Sizes on clothing are INSANE!! The boyfriend asked me the other day what size blouse I wore. I told him “well up until about 5 years ago I wore a small, sometimes an extra small, and yet, despite the fact that my upper body has not changed one millimeter in size, I now wear a medium. Go figure!”

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