Ready or Not

Right now, I totally get the appeal of plural marriage.  Well, probably not the appeal of someone else sleeping with my husband.  But the part where there’s another wife pitching in to get everything done?  Definitely a bonus.  And, as first wife, love of cooking, cleaning, and inspecting the children’s rooms for orderliness would be tops on my list of attributes during the interview process.

I’m pretty sure if anyone were to ask Adventure Guy, he’d back me up when I say my head spun around when I ventured upstairs last night.  I try to avoid going there as much as possible because facing the reality of my children’s sloppiness sends my blood pressure through the roof.  When I stay downstairs, in my realm, I can just pretend that everything in the house is as neat as it is there. 

Before I come across as a neat freak with standards that are impossible to meet, I’ll admit to a bit of a tendency to pile things myself.  Pile things, throw my shoes randomly in the closet, and hide things in drawers.  But, even as a teen, I did not just throw things on the floor or leave craft projects absolutely everywhere.  It’s true.  It’s even confirmed by my mother during a recent conversation when I despaired about my own children’s lack of neatness.  And, while everything in my house may not be in tip top order, it’s clean and can be made presentable in approximately ten minutes (never, never visit me without ten minutes warning!).

Fortunately, I had a few days’ warning that we’d be hosting Best Man on his visit to town tonight.  Unfortunately, this means that company will actually be venturing upstairs.  Let’s just say, it took more than ten minutes to get DD2’s room and bathroom company-ready.  I’m just hoping Best Man doesn’t feel a need to open the closet while he’s there!



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3 responses to “Ready or Not

  1. I. Feel. Your. Pain.

    And I only have two of them. Ick.

  2. ramblingmom

    I think best man is coming to see YOU — not the house.

  3. Family across the street has this dynamic:

    2 fathers to a boy and one mother. So, ex husband lives with new husband, ex wife and son.

    Interesting relationship. Always 2 guys to do the chores, mow lawn, etc…

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