From Pasta To Planes


Seriously, you should make thisas soon as possible.  It’s the perfect season for penne with asparagus and toasted pecans. The recipe makes a lot and is great reheated.   Serve it as a main course, or grill some chicken and use the pasta as a side. 

I have plenty of the pasta left over tonight as this week brings the annual adjustment period when Adventure Guy and I adapt to being empty-nestersfor a month.  The kids leave for camp every year on June 1st.  We’ll pick them up on the 25th.  And in between, in addition to getting used to cooking for two again, I have no carpool to run, no sleepovers to host, no sporting events to attend.

Every year when people discover that we have this much time alone, they ask, “So, what do you do?”  Honestly…not much.  Of course, our jobs don’t disappear along with the children, so we work as usual.  It’s the evenings that seem strange.  And very, very quiet.  There’s no television playing in the other room, no sounds of sibling bickering over whether to watch iCarly or CSI.   I don’t even have a decent excuse to avoid the gym that I pass daily on my drive home from work.   

And, I’m trying to be very, very good about stopping in for some exercise.  I want to maximize the time before my first public bathing suit appearance. Though our plans remain fairly limited, we did branch out a bit this year by booking a short vacation while the kids are away.  Every year we talk about how we “should” go somewhere.  And then we don’t. 

But this time, we’re taking advantage of the fact that we had a trip to Arizona planned last fall that fell through after we’d paid for it.  We’re using that credit to sneak away for a long weekend on Friday.  Yes, I know, it’s hot in Arizona at this time of year, but we’re looking forward to some river rafting, desert touring, shopping, and relaxing by the pool anyway.  Feel free to suggest “must dos” in the Scottsdale/Sedona area. We’ve got a basic plan sketched out, but it’s plenty open right now, and I’d love to hear from those who’ve been there before.


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2 responses to “From Pasta To Planes

  1. Darci

    Duane and I were there for our 15th anniversary and love that area! We stayed at the the Point Hilton at Squaw Peak which was a beautiful resort. Squaw Peak is a great hike although we were there at the same time you’re going and the snakes were rampid on the trail and we had to hike early in the morning to avoid the heat. Driving up Oak Creek Canyon Area was beautiful as well. We did a four wheeler tour in the desert which I’d highly recommend if you’re looking for some adventure- and we met lots of fun people in our group (Duane drove; I rode!). The Botanical Gardens were amazing as well! Probably my favorite “scenery” were the Red Rocks of Sedona though.
    Have a great time!! I can’t wait to see pictures- I wanna go back.

  2. It’s probably too far for a long weekend vacation, but Canyon Du Chelly is amazing.

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