She’s Got Krista Tibbets’ Clogs

The sunlight beamed its way across the classroom, spotlighting the objects of my 5th-grade desire.  There, gleaming on the shelf, stood Krista Tibbets’* clogs, just waiting until our return from P.E. when Krista herself would slide off her mundane Ked’s and magically grow three inches as she placed the coveted shoes on her feet.  I wanted to be Krista Tibbets.  Krista Tibbets of the perfect Farah Fawcett wings and the wooden-heeled clogs.  And, if my naturally curly hair refused to cooperate, insisting on sticking out at odd angles around my head, at least I could have the clogs.

Except my mother thought otherwise.  She insisted that an eleven-year-old had no business wearing high heels, especially to school.  Instead, she attempted to feed my ongoing clog obsession by allowing me a pair with measly one-inch heels.  It didn’t work.  Though I wore them, clomping about the classroom, the playground, and the lunchroom, I continued to rue my lack of those perfect, clearly grown-up clogs.  Just as I secretly hoped that. one day, my hair would suddenly cooperate, sliding into smooth flowing AquaNet-plastered waves while my thick glasses simultaneously  melted away.

I remember that wish just as clearly as if I’d made it yesterday.  And, while much of it actually came true–thanks to contacts and a change in hair fashions–I’m amazed at what strong emotions still come through when I think about the 5th grade. The angst, the awkwardness, the Love-Its jeans with decorative back pockets.

And, you know, I never did get those clogs.  But what I did get is a youngest child who’ll officially be a 5th grader in just a few days.  It’s incomprehensible how fast we’ve come full-circle. And now my wish, a wish even stronger than my desire for those seemingly magical shoes, is for Soccer Boy know that it’s not must-have items that make the man, for him to move from childhood into adolescence loving himself just as much as I love him. 

Because that’s something that  never goes out of style.

*name has been changed



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3 responses to “She’s Got Krista Tibbets’ Clogs

  1. ramblingmom

    BUT — what happens when your youngest goes into fifth grade and wants Krista Tibbets’ clogs? (or Michael Jordan’s Nike’s?)

    • LSM

      Soccer Boy’s current obsession seems to revolve around under armour clothing. My take on that is to indulge what we can afford. Fortunately for him he has a grandmother who’s willing to pitch in as well.

      Boys do seem easier on this than girls, although DD1 seems markedly less interested in “brand” than I was at the same age. DD2 is much more concerned about it, and we set limits on what she’s able to spend satisfying that concern.

      What helps is that I know my mom was right when she said no back then. I’m sure my kids will thank me for that eventually too. 🙂

  2. This was a lovely post. Although I find it sad that possibly the most unifying experience for all of us about middle school is angst over clothing and hair. But I guess that’s easier to take than what was really bothering us. It seemed more controllable. And you could always blame it on your parents.

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