Wonder What I’ll Make

LSM:  “Guess what I’m going to do Tuesday night?”

Adventure Guy: “What?”

LSM: “Cook dinner.”

Adventure Guy: “Well, that would be novel.”

It’s been that kind of month.  But I’m beginning to have a bit of faith that the light I’m seeing at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming train.  This week, I have only two evening commitments–tonight’s high school graduation and DD2’s National Junior Honor Society induction on Thursday.  After my schedule for the past few weeks, it’s like a vacation.

For as busy as it was, we did have a great weekend.  My parents arrived on Saturday just in time to catch Soccer Boy’s final game of the season.  We’d already managed to get DD2 through a rather disorganized  confirmation practice (and I managed not to make any process improvement suggestions–I can learn!). Saturday night even proved to be fairly relaxing, with our biggest endeavor involving dinner out.

Resting up that night definitely paid off. DD2 had to be at church early on Sunday morning to perform at the first service before meeting the rest of the family for her confirmation.  After that service, Adventure Guy’s mom and stepdad kindly arranged brunch out for us so that I wouldn’t have to worry about a meal.

Normally I would have hosted at home, but immediately after we ate “the girls”–my mom, DD1, DD2, and myself–left to drive downtown for DD2’s first of three dance performances of the day.  DD2 danced in the opening number, and we stayed around to watch Best Friend’s daughters and their adorable classmates in their numbers. Those little ballerinas are too adorable for words.

Leaving DD2 at the Performing Arts Center for show number two, the rest of us drove home for a bit of a break before returning downtown, along with the proud dad and granddads,  for dinner and  the last show, where DD2 performed both the opening number and another dance.  And, of course, she did great–sign in to the next post for video evidence!


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