Forget About April

Life is crazy.  Forget about April being the cruelest month. T. S. Eliot clearly didn’t have three school-aged children and a job in school administration–all of which mean never having to be bored in May. We’ve got two weeks and counting before school is over and it’s time to put the kids on the bus to camp on June 1. 

Before then, we’ll be wrapping up Soccer Boy’s last year of elementary school with lots of special events to mark the occasion.  DD1 and DD2 both had their spring concerts–orchestra and vocal music, respectively.  I’ve been buying poster board and random supplies right and left for class projects, and DD1 is gearing up for finals.  Did I mention, we’re throwing in DD2’s confirmation and dance recital for good measure this Sunday?  That means extra practices both at church and the dance studio, plus finagling the schedule so that DD2 makes both events on time.

And that’s just the kids.  I’ve made the rounds of PTA spring luncheons, attended my very last Junior League Board and General meetings (and gotten the silver tray for 10 years of active service to prove it), filed year-end reports for multiple projects, run more meetings than I can count in an effort to wrap up the rest of the school year, and turned in my last paper for my first doctoral class.

Amidst all that, I have company coming in this weekend.  My parents will be joining us for DD2’s confirmation and recital and hopefully get to see a couple of games for Soccer Boy–if, that is, this interminable streak of rain ever ends. In classic fashion, we will not be celebrating DD2’s confirmation in the same fashion as DD1’s

I had good intentions, really.  I even have a ham in the freezer for that planned brunch.  But when I started looking at schedules and doing the math for travel time between church and performing arts center, I decided taking MIL up on her invitation to do brunch at the club was the way to go. 

So someone else will do the cooking on Sunday.  That leaves Saturday night to cover.  Anyone have good suggestions for an easy meal to please a crowd?  I think it’s about time I darkened the door of the grocery store again.


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