A Plague Upon My House

I’m wondering if I’ve inadvertently done something to anger the gods.  My usually hale and hearty children have had a rough time of it lately–or at least the girls have.  So far, Soccer Boy is rising above it all.

Remember, back in January, DD2 had surgery for appendicitis. She came back strong from that, making up her school work and getting back into her normal routine of school and church activities plus dance classes.  About that time, DD1’s complaints of a constant headache got me worried enough to take her in to the pediatrician–who suggested visiting the eye doctor and a pediatric neurologist. 

I scheduled both appointments, feeling not too terribly worried since DD1 had both an MRI and a Cat scan after her boating accident last summer. In other words, the likelihood of a brain tumor was fairly slim, though it was a bit unnerving to know that was what the pediatrician wanted to rule out.  Nothing to do after scheduling but wait to get in to both specialists, so I tried not to think about it.

And minor details like worrying about potential brain tumors became easier to put out of my mind the weekend before our scheduled eye doctor visit when I was conveniently provided with a more imminent threat–mono. After getting the hint that DD1 really didn’t feel good the morning she burst into tears at the suggestion that she find some sharpened pencils for the ACT scheduled that day, we spent several hours at the urgent care clinic–only to find out she’d be spending a lot more time resting at home.

Two days later, DD2 joined her at home, complaining of similar symptoms.  I worriedly rushed her to the pediatrician to learn that he didn’t suspect mono. The quick strep test proved negative as well, so she rested the remainder of the day and returned to school.  That is until I got the urgent call two days later from the pediatrician’s office letting us know we should pick up DD2 immediately.  Yes, the long-term strep culture came back positive.

At least strep is something that a nice round of antibiotics can clear up.  DD2 bounced back quickly again.  And again, she resumed her normal activities, which last weekend included attending an overnight retreat for her confirmation class at church.  Warning, I’m about to say something un-Christian-like about one of my fellow church members.  Why in the hell would anybody send a child who’d stayed home from school with a stomach virus to the overnight confirmation retreat with a bunch of other 7th graders?

If it was so that she could infect numerous other children, that goal was accomplished!  DD2 started throwing up on cue early Sunday morning.  So, she missed yet another day of school on Monday to recover–making the house a bit croweded yesterday morning since DD1 stayed home as well in anticipation of her 10:00 a.m. appointment with the pediatric neurologist.

I decided allowing her to sleep in rather than picking her up after about an hour and a half of scool would be the most beneficial, especially since it allowed me to catch up a bit at home after being in class all weekend.  We arrived at the neurologist in plenty of time to fill out the questionairre which asked us about DD1’s tendencies to hurt other people, keep friends, and–our personal favorite–whether she was overly neat.  We got a good laugh from that one, considering she is at low-risk for that particular symptom.

The neurologist did a number of general tests during the exam, talked to me about the scans, which he’d reviewed, and then–wait for it–told DD1 she needed to stand up straight.  Yes, I now have official doctor’s orders to justify my typical parent nagging about slumping.  The doctor’s theory is that the headaches are tension headaches related to muscle weakness or injury from the accident.  He’s also prescribed physical therapy, which we’ll get started on soon.  I’m hopeful this will help eliminate the headaches, and, of course, I’m thankful that both the neurologist and the opthamologist ruled out anything more serious.

Once DD1 and I finished at the doctor’s office and I’d made sure DD2 was resting comfortably at home, I dropped DD1 off at school and headed into the office.  Just in time to, oh yes, attend an emergency meeting on our pandemic preparedness.  I swear, this semester can not end soon enough!


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