I’ve Got A Theory

Ever since I ran off the bus from first grade each day eager to report my triumphs in the race to master both the System 80 program and my arch-nemesis, C.W., more than a bit of my identity has been wrapped up in being “the smart girl.”

And, it’s pretty much worked for me.  Once I did a little studying in educational theory, I realized my learning style suits the traditional format awfully well.  I typically remember what I hear, read, and write down–fabulous for most of the higher-education world and pretty handy for my line of work as well.

The problem?  I haven’t had to apply those skills in a formal way since I finished my master’s work in the spring of 1996.  And now that I need to again, I’m feeling like a bit of the edge I always depended on is gone.  I’m not sure how those thirteen years flew by so quickly, but I feel them weighing heavily as I try to commit all the ins and outs of organizational theory to memory.

Hopefully, I’ve managed it.  By 6:00 o’clock or so tomorrow night, I”ll know for sure.  Wish me luck!


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  1. Last night, while I sat on the bench at AJ’s baseball game, a woman sitting behind me was studying for an organizational management test today and was saying exactly the same thing: “I used to be really good at this. Now I’m just terrified!” I hope you both do great.

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