Plugged In

Hello from our nation’s capital.  Okay, I just now realized I’ve always wanted to say that!

I arrived in Washington, D.C., for a conference I’ve attended annually for the past couple of years.  This year, I’m also speaking during one session, facilitating another, and participating in a panel discussion–all tomorrow!  It would have been too easy to spread those commitments out over the three days I’m here.

At least today, I could focus solely on the presentations and doing some networking rather than worrying about technical difficulties and the like.  Fortunately, I’m not a nervous speaker, so actually doing the presentations isn’t a problem.  It’s just all the prep that goes into them that’s a challenge.

And did I mention the food?  This conference is known for plying the participants with meals and snacks.  I don’t think I went over two hours today without eating something.  I tried to be conservative, but I didn’t even enter my calories into the “Lose It” iPhone app I’ve been using.  It would be too depressing!  On top of all the conference food, we’ve also managed to take in a couple of local places for dinner.  French bistro last night and Italian tonight. And the upside to that is that we at least walked there and back both nights, allowing me some exercise. 

While I’ll pay for Internet if I have to (the better to avoid withdrawal symptoms, you know), I refuse to pay the astronomical prices this hotel wants for access to the workout facilities.  So, I may return home to Suburbia a little heavier, but I won’t be out-of-touch. A girl has to draw the line somewhere!



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3 responses to “Plugged In

  1. heidilou

    Greetings from Alexandria, just down the road! Your hotel charges extra for you to use the gym? That’s ridiculous! I’ve never heard of such a thing. Well, have fun. I hope you have time to do some sight seeing.

  2. Welcome to the area, as I say from DC suburbia. I always hate the charges for internet connection with the rationale “we’re a full service hotel” when it’s free in the low end places. Enjoy your time, and I hope the weather improves.

  3. Darci

    Wish our paths had crossed as we just left DC on Sunday. It would’ve been fun to meet up for dinner… it’s been 23 years, hasn’t it?

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