What A Difference A Few Weeks Makes

Snowfall on Azaleas

Snowfall on Azaleas

Spring Morning

Spring Morning



Life goes on in Suburbia.  After a freakish late-March snowfall–ironically, our “best” snow in several years–we finally seem to be coming out of winter and into spring.  But, of course, not in time for Easter, which was cold and rainy.

I couldn’t resist throwing on a jacket over my pajamas and taking these shots this morning.   The scene is right outside my dining room window, and the first thing I saw as I padded by was the sun glinting off the bright pink azalea blooms.

I’m thrilled that they made it.  The bushes blooming in the snow under the Japanese maple have passed their prime now, but check out the hostas beginning to peek through underneath.  Even better, that huge cluster of blooms is on the bushes that weren’t protected from the snow.  They didn’t freeze, and the next bush over still has lots of tight blooms on it.  I should have flowers for another couple of weeks.

And I need a little brightening for my days right now.  DD1 is in day three of her official mono diagnosis, though I think she’s more like day six of so of the illness.  She’s been doing lots of sleeping and really felt terrible yesterday and Sunday.  To complicate matters, I picked DD2 up from school yesterday afternoon.  Unfortunately, she and DD1 shared a drink before we knew DD1 was sick.  Now, her symptoms look awfully familiar. 

I’m taking a sick day today to take her in to the pediatrician and get something official.  She’ll need that if she has to miss multiple days of school.  I’m still hoping for the shorter rather than longer range for all of this to play out.

In the meantime, I totally get the lure of working from home.  Besides the greater opportunity to enjoy my azaleas, I also took a conference call in my pajamas while folding laundry.  I could get used to this!



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2 responses to “What A Difference A Few Weeks Makes

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about the kids, but I’m jealous of your azaleas!

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