Like Mother, Like Daughter

The scene:  LSM dances to the new Lily Allen song while waiting to pick up DD2.  All said “dancing” takes place while she is seated behind the wheel of her car.

DD1: “You’re weird!”

LSM: “Really, didn’t we just look at a picture of you and your friends on Facebook where you were pretending to be vampires by sticking straws on your teeth?”

DD1: “Those weren’t straws. They were chopsticks.”

LSM: “Oh, I see how that makes it better.”

DD1: “Okay, so maybe you’re only a little weird.”

Only a little weird–I’m chalking that up as quiet the parenting coup, figuring I’ll take what I can get when it comes to my coolness factor.  I think it helps that she knows I have full access to that “vampire” shot.  It could certainly prove valuable for future blackmailing purposes.  But until then, I’ll be enjoying the moment and revelling in my semi-weirdness while it lasts.


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