Soccer Boy:  “No way are you gonna hit that, Mom.”

LSM:  “Oh, ya?  SWISH!”

My perfectly-timed driveway two pointer serves as metaphor for my day.  It was good, and I needed it.

Though I briefly surfaced from sleep when I heard Adventure Guy heading out for his 7:00 a.m. training run, I managed to overcome that and sleep in until around 10:00 a.m. today.  Yes, I can still sleep late.  It’s a skill I hope to retain!  

Once I did get up, I decided to run to the grocery store–launching a veritable spree of productivity that included making a salad and cake for dinner, starting the laundry, and straightening up the house–before showing up for Soccer Boy’s game mid-afternoon. 

After weird weather all week, today proved to be sunny and very, very windy.  Perfect for wearing my new favorite clothing items–my pink floral Old Navy hoodie and the new hot pink sandals I just couldn’t resist buying myself for my birthday. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that the temperature at the soccer fields, located near a river, is always much cooler than at our house–hence the hoodie/sandals combination!

Old Navy Hoodie

Old Navy Hoodie

Tory Burch Sandals

Tory Burch Sandals

Unfortunately, my outfit, cute as I’m convinced it was, did not seem to contribute to the outcome of the game.  Soccer Boy’s team lost 5-2, though they played better than the score reflects.  His team is getting used to the greater challenge that playing up an age division is bringing this season.  Last year, they won both the fall and spring championships, so losing is a new experience!  Fortunately, they’ve won more than they’ve lost this season, though, even with moving up.

DD2 talked me into stopping by the library on the way home from Soccer Boy’s game since she wanted to trade in her book.  We browsed the Young Adult section for a while before she found one that interested her, putting me a bit behind schedule for the remaining dinner preparations.

Adventure Guy’s mom, step-dad, and great-uncle joined us tonight for brisket and ribs, courtesy of Adventure Guy’s hours of work last night. Brisket takes a hour per pound to smoke, so by the time dinner rolled around, we’d been tempted by the smell from the back porch for what seemed like days.  And, it definitely lived up to the anticipation.  Plus, it gave me an excuse to make the baked beans that DD2 and I like but the rest of the immediate family can take or leave (Trust me, it’s them, not the beans.  Everyone else always raves about them.) 

After dinner we hung out, watched the Final Four games, and played with my in-laws’ new golden doodle puppy (cross between a golden retriever and a poodle).  Adventure Guy’s uncle told stories about growing up in New York City in the twenties and thirties and about MIL’s mother, his sister, who passed away a few years ago. 

And, somehow, though it was far from an unusual day, it felt like the kind of day that might end up in our own stories, years from now when we talk about “when your parents were kids” or “back at the turn of the century.” It’s the kind of day I want to remember, the kind of day I need to remember when life seems to speed by too fast and bring too many challenges.

Yep, it was a good day, and I needed it.



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2 responses to “Score!

  1. Excellent post. Thank you for reminding us that it’s those wonderfully normal and average family-filled days that mean the most in the long run.

  2. P.S. Love your hoodie and sandals! Haven’t been to Old Navy for awhile but I’m definitely headed there now.

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