Not Your Mother’s Either

Certain milestones exist in every woman’s life.  They are those moments when we realize that we won’t be young forever, no matter how much we might wish that to be so.  And, somehow, it’s not the big moments–marriage, the birth of a child, aging parents–that bring it home for me.  Instead it’s the realization that everyone calls me “ma’am” instead of “miss,” that I’m no longer checking the lowest range–or even one of the lower ranges–for the age question on surveys.  Seemingly suddenly, I have a strong opinion about the tax-deductible status of mortgage interest and on the best eye cream.

And it is in full recognition of these things that I share with my readers my latest revelation.

Not My Daughter's Jeans

Not My Daughter's Jeans

Yes, I love my latest jeans purchase.  The Not My Daughter’s Jeans brand, recommended to me by–gasp!–my mother-in-law.  The style above is the Marilyn slim straight leg.  Somehow, the makers of these jeans have managed to combat muffin top without sacrificing a more rounded rear silhouette.  At first, I wasn’t sure I could get over the fact that they sit higher on the waist than the jeans I’ve worn the last few years.  Visions of the Saturday Night Live “mom jeans” skit ran uncontrollably through my mind as I carried the jeans into the fitting room.

But once I pulled them on, realized that I could actually bend over without danger of flashing underwear bits to anyone, and found them to be incredibly comfortable, I decided I could live with the stereotype.  Well, at least as long as I don’t wear them with just a tucked-in shirt.  Then, honestly, it’s a little much. But worn with shirts untucked, a jacket, or a hoodie, I honestly don’t think anyone could pick them out as any different from most of the current styles.

At least Adventure Guy couldn’t when he complimented my “bottom line”! So, if you’re looking for comfortable, attractive jeans for the, oh, let’s say, “more experienced” woman, I can heartily recommend this brand for your consideration.



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4 responses to “Not Your Mother’s Either

  1. Omigosh! I completely forgot to share this! (which is so unlike me)…I discovered these at Nordstroms Rack back in January and promptly bought 3 pairs. LOVE THEM!

  2. Marcia

    I HATE, HATE, HATE the current style of pants that sit low. They just don’t work at all with my body type. As I’ve posted before, I ended up having jeans custom made for me by Lands End…and these are the ONLY ones I’ve been able to find that fit. I even ordered a pair of sweatpants from Coldwater Creek recently and was dismayed to find that I will need to return them because they are so low in the rear that about 3 inches of underwear stick out above the waistband.

  3. That age-range things gets me, too. And when it comes to clicking on the actual year, mine keeps getting scooted to the end of the line!

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