Really, I’m Not There

I have a secret.  During most school vacations, the people at central office are still at work.  Yes, that means I work during the summer, during Spring Break, on MLK Jr.’s birthday, and on President’s Day.  We do have a nice break at Christmas, but not as long as the students. Why is this a secret?  I don’t really know other than that people are continually amazed that I must report to work when school is closed.  And, really, there’s a lot to do…like plan, coordinate, and present professional development sessions for teachers, hire new staff, and complete the mounds of required budgeting and paperwork.  Okay, so I’m a little bitter about the lack of people’s ability to grasp that I actually have a full-time, year-round job.

But, there’s an upside.  During weeks like this–spring break around these parts–no one calls.  Because, why call, when there’s no one in the office, right? And, in the spirit of full disclosure, people do take advantage of the time to take a vacation day here and there, meaning the usually jam-packed meeting schedule calms down a bit too.  What does all of that add up to?  In my case today, an actual full day of work with no meetings scheduled and not one work-related phone call.  I swear, it was a modern miracle. 

I now have a wonderfully neat desk, a sparkly-clean email box and a to-do list full of crossed-off items.  It’s a beautiful thing.  And one which will help me enjoy my own actual vacation days tomorrow and Friday oh so much more!


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  1. Aren’t those office-vacation days wonderful? It’s like getting paid yet having fun at the same time! Also golden: Days when the boss is gone. Almost as good as when you had a substitute teacher and could talk her into extra recess time.

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