It’s My Birthday, But I’m Not Crying

What a difference a year makes!  In addition to the small detail that I am not currently snorkeling in Belize, I am also not ruminating about the fact that I’m officially a year older today.  I spent an entire year dreading my 40th birthday and not even a minute dreading my 41st.  Psychology is a strange thing.

I still don’t like that I seem to have more gray hair showing up on a regular basis or that I can’t eat as many Girl Scout cookies as I’d like without packing on the pounds, but I’ve realized those things are minor in the whole scope of things.  After all, as the cliche goes, having a birthday is lots better than the alternative.

So today, I’ll be celebrating.  It’s Spring Break in Suburbia.  I don’t actually get that time as a “freebie,” but I decided to take the day off as vacation time.  Yesterday I met my parents half way between their house and mine and dropped the kids off with them for the week.  I’ll be joining them for a long weekend on Thursday, but until then Adventure Guy and I are on our own.  I’m headed to the gym this morning, and then he’s taking the afternoon off to hang out with me.  We’ll do lunch and some general running around…maybe see a movie.  He’s made reservations tonight for dinner at The Melting Pot with Best Friend (who also had a birthday on Thursday) and her husband. 

It should be a fun and relaxing day.  I’m looking forward to it.  Just like I’m looking forward to another great year.



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2 responses to “It’s My Birthday, But I’m Not Crying

  1. Sounds like a lovely plan. Have a happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday! It’s good to know that once you get past that 40 number you can relax about it; I only have a few more months left, so I’m where you were last year as far as the dreading goes. Have a great time while the kids are away.

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