I’m Going Out

My earliest memories of “book club” involve ladies in “party pajamas” lounge wear surrounded by blue and green shag carpet and shrouded in a haze a cigarette smoke.  My mother played bridge to “get out of the house”… a need that evidently ended upon her reentry into the workforce when I started middle school.  But her need for books continued, right out of the seventies and on into the present.  Through fall salad suppers, Christmas parties where the spouses actually get to attend, and the monthly book discussions accompanied by dessert, the ladies of the club have soldiered on for over 40 years. 

The club does have an official name and written rules and regulations as well, but always, always, it was just “Book Club” my mother was off to as she swept out of the house once a month. 

And tonight, I’m looking forward to doing a little sweeping of my own.  After years of interest in having a book club of my own but no time to take on organizing one, I’ve been invited to tag along with Best Friend to a new club that’s holding its first meeting tonight.  Even better, this month’s choice is The Thirteenth Tale , a book I’ve already read.  What more could I ask for than a night out with the ladies, a good book discussion, and no last-minute reading pressures?

Right now it’s just what I need.  And, fortunately, this occasion won’t require any party pajamas for participation.



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4 responses to “I’m Going Out

  1. Have to say I’m kinda liking the idea of getting some party pajamas. Maybe your mom was on to something.

  2. readersguide

    My book group has been meeting since my kids were quite small — maybe 1st and 3rd grades? or even earlier — and we have matured from mothers of small children to, in some cases, mothers of college graduates. Yikes! But its has always been nice to get out of the house once a month, and nice to have a reason to read a book once a month. We usually talk at least some about the book, and at least half about various kid issues. It’s been a great thing, though — so I hope it works out.

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  4. I reluctantly joined a book club after Alto2’s many urgings. It has been a wonderful experience, even though I have never considered myself a reader. I now not only read for pleasure, but I read books that I would never have picked for myself.

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