I Should Have Known

This morning I took a new route to work so that I could swing by the specialty cupcake store to pick up dessert for a Junior League meeting tonight. 

Though it meant getting up a little earlier than usual, I actually got excited about the detour since I knew it would take me by some of the best spring scenery in town–rolling hills overlooking clusters of Bradford pears in full bloom.



As I continued my drive, savoring the sight and patting myself on the back for taking time to enjoy the little slices of beauty I encounter on a daily basis, I found myself stopped at a stoplight.

Behind a garbage truck.

Okay, that in itself isn’t so horrible.  But implanted in the back of the truck, for some unexplained reason was this…

Friday the 13th Mask

Friday the 13th Mask

 If I had a better camera on my cell phone, you’d be getting the real shot!  So bizarre.  And, unfortunately, my first hint that, spring beauty aside, today would definitely be a Monday.

I’m hoping those cupcakes make up for it!



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2 responses to “I Should Have Known

  1. Hahaha! Nice contrast 😉

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