On occasion, I get a glimpse of our future–the time when Adventure Guy and I will look up and realize all the kids are out of the house.  Though it seems like only yesterday that childcare took up every waking moment of our weekend, we now find ourselves needed most often for transportation or for sideline cheering duty.  Honestly, it’s a mixed blessing.  I find it hard to believe how quickly their childhoods are flying by.

This weekend, DD2 left Friday afternoon for a confirmation retreat at church camp.  So, we were one child down from the start.  Then DD1 got an invitation to sleep over with a friend.  That left only Soccer Boy to hang out with us last night.  He amused himself playing Wii and watching movies. 

By this morning, it seemed awfully quiet around here, with DD1 going straight from her friend’s house to the church to work at the youth group garage sale.  Soccer Boy slept in before his first game of the season.  I managed to get to the gym for Pilates and some treadmill time before heading to the fields to meet Adventure Guy and Soccer Boy.

An hour and a half later, Soccer Boy left the field victorious, having played a great half as goalie as well as some time as forward. The win is even more impressive since Soccer Boy’s team is “playing up” this season, and the opposing team’s members were all a year or two older.

Though I should have gone to the grocery store or done some yard work, I decided to hang out with Adventure Guy and watch our alma mater, Texas A & M play basketball.  We loved the fact that they beat Missouri, giving them a much better shot at the NCAA tournament.  Then, we caught up on some of our Netflix movies before I started dinner.

It’s been a lovely day, and I feel much more relaxed than I have in a long time.  I’m going to grab these chances to revel in doing nothing while I can.  I know they are going to be few and far between in the near future.

Because before DD1 leaves for college, I’ll be going there myself.  I’ve been accepted into a doctoral program in education administration.  It’s an executive program designed for those already working in leadership positions, and the classes meet on the weekends.  I’ll start my first class at the end of the month!



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2 responses to “Respite

  1. Congratulations on the doctorate program (although as a fellow PhD student, I confess that part of me thinks I should really offer my condolences). Hooray!

  2. readersguide


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