She Bangs She Bangs

I know that in the grand scheme of things, this is not a big question.  But I’m torn as to how to handle my scheduled haircut on Wednesday. My hair is naturally curly, and long ago I learned to just go with that rather than battle against it.  I like my easy to do style, which is a little shorter than shoulder length with a side part and side-swept bangs.

But, I’ve been wearing my hair this way for a long time now, with little change. So, I’m considering going way out on a limb and–cutting regular bangs–perhaps with more of a no-part or middlish part rather than the side part.  I’m thinking of taking up a couple of inches and cutting more layers so it will curl more as well. Revolutionary, I know. 

So what’s holding me back?  I’ve waited so long to get my hair cut because of my travel schedule and the general craziness around here lately, that my bangs have almost completely grown out.  I’m just a tiny bit away from not having bangs anymore.  Or at least at the stage where getting to the point of not having bangs wouldn’t be hard. 

Am I crazy to consider cutting short bangs at this point in the cycle?  Those of you who know me “in real life,” what do you think of my proposed style?



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2 responses to “She Bangs She Bangs

  1. CT Mom

    I think you would look terrific no matter what happens at the stylist, but take it from someone who knows – growing out bangs is so painful – think carefully before you commit!

  2. LSM

    Don’t worry…I really did think about it for several months before cutting them. Plus, I’ve had bangs before, so I knew I wouldn’t regret it much. 🙂

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