Be It Ever So Humble…

I am home, and I am happy. 

The All-American Public Schools’ session at the conference this morning went well.  A great group of school districts from around Wisconsin attended, leaving me impressed with their state and their own dedication to student learning.  As much honest fun as our work was for the last few days, though, I couldn’t wait to touch down in Suburbia this evening.

I don’t like to be away from home for a full work week.  Fortunately, my calendar remains clear of travel now until the end of April–something I found myself quite thankful of as I waited for the delayed last leg of tonight’s flight.  Because of course, the very last, supposedly quick, piece of the itinerary had to create problems for us, didn’t it?  We took off at the same time we’d initially planned to arrive.

But, I’m home!  I’m not going to complain any more.  Or at least not until 6:30 a.m. tomorrow when I’m scheduled to arise to take DD2 to her choir solo and ensemble contest.  Yep, it’s great to be home!


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  1. Good luck! Sometimes I think that spring should be our New Year — when we make resolutions and try out that whole “rebirth and renewal” thing. Thanks for the inspiration.

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