Wisconsin? Check.

So, I made it from Houston (80 degrees and muggy) to Madison, Wisconsin (35 degrees with snow pack) tonight via two small commuter planes.  Not a fan of any flight over one hour on less than a full-size jet.  Unfortunately, I had tight time requirements to get  me from the conference in Houston to a speaking engagement here in Madison.  Sacrifices must be made.

And, speaking of sacrifices, I’m feeling guilty about my rather spoiled comment about the La Quinta chain. While it’s not the Houstonian (not many places are), this hotel is new and quite passable.  My traveling companions and I managed to find out way from the airport to the hotel with minimal difficulty–barring the auto rental clerk with the the worst nasal accent ever and the initial insistence of my GPS system to take us not from the airport but from Suburbia to the hotel. 

Then, we managed to pry our week’s worth of bags out of the rental car and propel them into the hotel in time to catch a little dinner and a lot of laughs at the bar. 

It’s well past time to turn in now.  Wish me luck tomorrow.  I make two presentations then and one more on Friday.



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3 responses to “Wisconsin? Check.

  1. Too late to wish you luck for Thursday, but still time for Friday! Good luck!

  2. Glad you were flying yesterday and not through the fine midwestern weather we’re having now. Say hi to Madison for all your internet friends—it’s a very friendly town.

    • LSM

      Yes, I know how to have fun–traveling to Wisconsin in February. The people here have been wonderfully nice and receptive to our presentations. But, we will be flying out this afternoon (fingers crossed) so I hope the weather clears a bit by then.

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