Paying For It, One Way Or The Other

Okay, like many mothers who work outside the home, I’ve had my share of mommy guilt moments.  And, honestly, I’ve moved past that stage in my life for the most part.  Our choices work for our family, and so far we don’t seem to have messed up the kids too badly–or at least not any more than anyone else seems to have done, regardless of their own family choices.

But I am experiencing a new-found source of guilt now.  I don’t know what to call it, maybe spousal guilt.  Wait, that sounds kind of bad, doesn’t it?  No, I haven’t done anything to feel guilty about in my marriage other than leaving Adventure Guy home for the week to fend for himself and the kids.

A task he is fully up for, I might add.  I know how fortunate I am to have a full partner in parenting in Adventure Guy.  We talked schedules in general before I left just so he had everything in his head, but I did very little to prepare to be gone other than pack my bag.

And pack my bag I did…headed to my favorite, though admittedly all-too-frequent lately, place for business travel. The Houstonian is beautiful with fabulous service.  This evening I’ve had a nice dinner with colleagues and done some browsing at the Galleria.  The health club is nice enough here to actually lure me out of bed early for a workout, and I’m particularly looking forward to Wednesday’s yoga class. 

Yes, I’m really working while I’m here as well.  I’ll be in sessions from 7:30-5:00 tomorrow and the next day, plus a business dinner tomorrow night.  But that doesn’t keep me from feeling that twinge of guilt over jetting off to a lovely place while Adventure Guy deals with all the juggling our day-to-day schedules require all by himself.  I also know he’s feeling quite a bit of stress that has nothing to do with family life.  He’s in sales.  Do I need to say more in this economy?

Fortunately, I both know what it’s like to be the one holding down the homefront after years of travel on Adventure Guy’s part in an earlier job, and I know that he understands the reason I need to be away at times.  Both help me push back those feelings of guilt a bit and enjoy my time away as much as I can.

That and the fact that I’ll be flying from here to Madison, Wisconsin, on Wednesday.  To stay in a La Quinta.  I figure that’s penance enough.


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