And A Bow On Top

It’s a well-known phenomena that upon entering the driver’s seat a parent becomes deaf to all conversation happening among a child and her friends in the back seat.  Or at least that’s what my children seem to believe.  My biggest challenge?  Not commenting in response to what they say so they’ll keep on talking.

Overheard on a recent trip to drop off posse of 7th grade girls at the mall:

“My dad is like, ‘those shorts need to be at least 6″ longer,’ and I’m like, ‘we’re not Pentecostal.'”

Girl 1: “I found out I do have a job this summer.  I’m going to be babysitting, but it’s for an old lady.”

Girl 2: “Really, what do you have to do?”

Girl 1: “Oh, just hang out and talk to her and get her meals and stuff.  But it’s for 8 hours once a week.  I’ll make $120 for doing it.”

Girl 2:  “Wow.  How’d you get that job?”

Girl 1: “My grandma has lots of old lady connections.”

And just to show how reality-based they are at this age…

Girl 1: “I’m probably going to have to pay for my gas when I get a car.”

Girl 2:  “Ya, my brother has to pay for his.  Except my dad always buys him some if he comes home from college to visit us.”

Girl 1:  “Cool.”

Girl 2:  “Ya, and my grandmother gives him, like, $100 a month just for coming to visit her.  And he doesn’t even need it because he lives on campus and doesn’t have to drive much.  There isn’t anything to spend money on in college.”

And, my favorite…

“Mrs. M, you’re the only one in the car without a bow!”

And, I thought they didn’t notice me!


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  1. I think the hardest thing about being a parent driver is not laughing.

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