I May Never Get Another One…

We’ve talked before about the fact that I’m a good Southern girl at heart.  Though I don’t live there now, growing up in East Texas left me with a dedication to the fully made up face and a certain level of snobbery about etiquette.  I come by this naturally

I’m not particularly proud of it, but Best Friend and I had a running competition back when everyone we knew (and the children of everyone our parents knew) was getting married as to which of the invitations we received was the tackiest.  She had me for a while with the “Love Bears All Things”-themed invite complete with pastel embossed teddy bears.  But I won out in the end with a distant cousin’s invitation which featured the people who’d sponsored various portions of the ceremony and reception.  We actually retired the competition after that one.  It couldn’t be topped.

But while the competition raged on, we compared notes and mutual “what could they have been thinking” comments secure in the fact that we, of course, had demonstrated exquisite taste in our own selections.  It didn’t take much skill to demonstrate that exquisite taste because there weren’t too many choices to be made.

Would we have a  flat card or a folded one?  Would it be white or cream?  What font would the black engraving be done in? Would there be a panel?  Would we go way out on a limb and have multiple panels? 

After exactly such serious deliberation, I arrived at the invitation below.  Yes, that’s one of my wedding invitations.  I have it on hand in my wedding album which was custom made to match the lace on my dress.  Like I said, good. Southern. girl. Unfortunately, that album is responsible for the bluriness of the photo–it’s hard to take a good picture of a cream card on cream paper, and I wasn’t about to remove it to take the shot.


I’d already placed the order by the time I realized that I’d chosen exactly the same style and font as my parents’ invitation 25 years earlier.  And, yes, I was pleased with this discovery.  My reasoning?  I wouldn’t be one of those brides who looked back and wondered why on earth I’d picked something so strange to serve as the first impression our guests would receive of the wedding.

And, honestly, I’ve never regretted being conservative on that front.  But these days, I hardly ever receive a traditional wedding invitation.  And the last time I did, it was from a bride who grew up in my hometown (obviously showing her good upbringing).  Even the venerable fount of conservative invitations, Crane, shows more less-traditional than traditional options.

So, I’m rethinking my reaction to the less-traditional invitations.  Best Friend actually does wedding calligraphy on the side these days, and she’s had some lovely examples of non-traditional formats.  Several of which I’ve liked a lot. Then again, she’s had several that made us think of reinstating the old competition.

But what finally pushed me over the edge was receiving this invite from one of Adventure Guy’s cousins.  I think it’s absolutely lovely and elegant. 


Once the invitation is opened, it includes the reception card as well as directions and a response card.  I just didn’t take shots that would show all three cards that are in the right hand pocket.


So, a few questions.  First, am I crazy to even think about these things, especially since I’ve been married almost 19 years and don’t expect to be planning a wedding for one of my daughters for at least another 10 to 15 years or so?  Second, anyone care to weigh in with an opinion of your own?  Traditional, non-traditional?  Evite?



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3 responses to “I May Never Get Another One…

  1. Rachel

    We were semi-traditional… Pretty traditional wording, in black, though not engraved. But it wasn’t a plain white/cream card — it had a design of flowers around the edge.

    To me it seemed “just right” for an informal garden wedding. It took a really long time for my mother to come around to thinking it okay.

  2. My first was the only one with invites and my mom picked them out so yeah, they were quite traditional!

    I love that one at the bottom! If I had it to do now, mine would be a lot like that. Colorful and fun.

    E-vites? Oh hell no. Even this marriage ceremony heathen draws the line at that!!

  3. oldbluesocks

    Evites? Seriously?

    For me I think it’s wonderful when an invitation reflects the wedding… more formal for formal/traditional celebrations, and something more creative for a less traditional event.

    Mine was traditional and ivory… and I’d probably pick the same thing today.

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