Might As Well Laugh

Well, you know, you don’t realize how old you are if you don’t look in the mirror.  And, if you do go ahead and look, by the time you get to be my age, you can only laugh or cry.  I figure I might as well laugh. ~Faye

I’m blessed to have grown up surrounded by women who are young at heart and determined of spirit.  Today, one of those incredible women celebrated her 97th birthday.

I called this morning to wish my great-aunt, Faye, a happy birthday.  We visited, and she gave me some great advice, including the quote above.  She also noted that in the future I should remember to ask anyone who inquired about my age whether or not they could keep a secret.  Why? “Well, they always say ‘yes,’ and then you just say, ‘So can I.'” 

We agreed, though, that once a person reaches 97 it should be okay to share that piece of information widely.  Especially if you are the type of person to spend your 97th birthday serving as part of the conference proceedings for the regional Methodist ministers council.

Evidently, my aunt agreed after her speech to the same group last year to participate again this year.  The date just happened to fall on her birthday.  Fortunately, someone tipped off the organizers and they presented her with a birthday cake and accompanying tributes from long-time church members.  I could hear the pride in her voice as she shared the details with me.

Then, I couldn’t resist asking what she spoke about with the group. In true former-Bible-teacher fashion, she replied, “Oh, I just pulled together several examples from the Bible of people who made a difference through their individual faith and action.  I talked about the importance of family and relationships and how being strong in our faith should lead us to treat one another well.”

Oh, she just pulled that together.  And, I’m sure presented it without notes.  I’ve had the opportunity to hear her speak on multiple occasions, and it’s always fabulous and always without notes. I can only hope that I am fortunate enough to have her quick mind when I’m her age.

But for now, as I speed toward another birthday myself, head often spinning from the myriad of obligations I face on a daily basis, I’m not going to focus on aging or life’s difficulties.  Instead, I’m going to remember to choose to laugh.



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2 responses to “Might As Well Laugh

  1. I love your great-aunt now! What a fantastic attitude. Lucky you to have her in your family, and thanks for sharing her with us.

  2. Great advice from a great lady! Faye the Great!

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