Brrr…It’s Cold Out There

I’ve often wondered how February manages to rank as my least favorite month even when it’s shorter than all the others.  It seems as if it should just fly right by as we run down hill toward spring.

But in my world, it’s February and not April that I’d describe as the cruelest month.  It’s a month of evaluations to write, proposal deadlines to meet, audits to prepare for, and cold, dark, days to face, a month I’m rarely disappointed to see end.

This week without question lived up to February’s reputation.  I worked over 6o hours this week, and I’m still behind.  Meeting after meeting meant I had too little desk time to finish up the presentations for the conference where I’m speaking at the end of the month. So now, there’s a pile of notes for the principals’ evaluations mocking me from across the room.  I have to turn them into cogent commentary by the beginning of next week–a deadline that necessitates some dedicated writing time over the weekend.   

But tonight, I’m not going to think about that.  I stayed late enough at work to pull off the most pressing of my deadlines.  Then Adventure Guy treated me to a nice pre-Valentine’s dinner out where I poured out my woes over a particularly good flirtini.

And, now, DD1 and I are getting a little teen comedy fix by hanging out in my room and watching Bring It On!  Trust me, it’s much more fun on film than in person. And between our laughing and making fun of some of the sillier scenes and DD1’s comment of, “Uh, I can’t imagine you being that cheer mom,” I’ve managed to slough off the stress and the cold.

Because after all, it’s the weekend.  Bring It!


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