Do I Need To Upgrade The Maintenance Agreement?

So, I’ve always thought of myself as pretty low-maintenance, both physically and emotionally.  After all, Adventure Guy and I agreed long ago to limit our Valentine’s Day festivities to the exchange of cards–an agreement we both find quite satisfactory.

But this is not about my plans for Saturday night.  In fact, it’s not about relationships at all.  Unless, that is, you count my undying devotion to the mascara brush as a relationship.

Aftering reading Christina’s post about makeup use, I wonder if I’m really as unusual as the comments might lead me to believe.  Am I really so alone in the fact that, ever since my mother grudgingly agreed to save me from the utter disgrace of attending my first day of middle school with an unadorned face, I’ve diligently applied some sort of cosmetics on a daily basis?

I love makeup.  Since my great-aunt introduced me to the glories of Merle Norman and the cool trio eye shadow compact (can you say 80’s pastel pearlization?), I’ve been a connoisseur, eventually working my way past Merle Norman (where I also for some reason got my ears pierced) through the Lancome line and into Prescriptives, Mac, Nars, Aveda, and Bad Girl Lash mascara.

Not that I actually wear a whole lot of it.  My daily routine takes about five minutes.  Really.  I can be out of the house half an hour after I roll out of bed, having completed my full look of tinted moisturizer, blush, powder, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick.  I save eyeshadow for special occasions these days, and dutifully avoid the cool trio altogether. 

Which led me to place myself firmly in the above-mentioned low maintenance category.  But now, I’m thinking maybe not so much outside Suburbia–land of women who attend the gym in full makeup (not me–I promise I do draw the line there).

So, am I outside the norm where you live?  Do you wear makeup on a regular basis?  Why or why not.  Discuss amongst yourselves.



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12 responses to “Do I Need To Upgrade The Maintenance Agreement?

  1. LOL – Merle Norman! I forgot to mention that is what my mom used too! (She’s probably your grandma’s age anyway) and what she got me started on as well. I really think this is a regional thing in that, gals with southern roots more likely follow your routine. I certainly believe my mom’s affinity for full make up is driven by her Louisiana heritage more than her age. The gal at work who was in full make up? She’s latin-american. Another cultural background brimming with dark eye shadow 😉

  2. Rachel

    I’m excessively low maintenance — and have gotten more so since marrying someone who seems mostly to take a dim view of it (though maybe its that he doesn’t like the bathroom time and space that it takes up).

    I generally put powder/foundation and lipstick on when I go out — but not always if I’m just going to the grocery store etc. I wear somewhat more makeup (foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara) when I’m going be in front to large audiences (giving lectures or at school board meetings).

    What I don’t do is variety, except for two slightly different shades of lipstick.

  3. Simone

    I started wearing a light foundation with sunscreen in it about five years ago, and at the same time (so I didn’t look too pale) started wearing a really natural looking lipstick. That pretty much covers my beauty regime! No eye makeup at all. Ever. Makes my eyes water. Even the hypoallergenic stuff. Just a light touch of foundation to even out skin tone, to act as a moisturiser and to provide sun protection. That’s it 🙂

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  5. Squib

    I have a mild case of rosacea and I use a green tint moisturizer, then a tinted mineral powder, eyeshadow and a tinted lip balm. I don’t use mascaria or any other eye make-up because I have no cordination for that sort of thing and I would end up poking myself in the eye and I don’t use blush because my naturally overly red skin still shows through all the tints I use. 🙂 It takes me about 2 minutes to do the whole thing. I feel like I use a ton of make-up because my mother used/uses none. I find it funny that your mother made sure you had make-up on for your first day of Middle School, until I was a junior in High School my mother would slap me if I had make-up on. I had the best collection of school make-up ever. I loved after school swim practice because everything washed off before I saw my mother again. 🙂

  6. Samantha Spartichino

    I am a little embarrassed to admit that my standards have dropped dramatically since the ‘mommy days’ took over. These days I only put on make-up if I am going out somewhere. I just do not see the point if I’m spending the day at home. Anyway I like to think it lets my skin ‘breathe’, but I would tell myself anything. When I do get around to putting make-up on its like ‘wow, where did she go’, so I guess it has its plus points too.

  7. Darci

    Wow, after reading all the comments, I do feel vain! I rarely go anywhere without make up (foundation, blush, shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick)…and to be honest, even if I was home all day alone, I usually follow most of my makeup-routine as well. I’ve always had uneven, blotchy skin and skimpy eyelashes so I guess I just like how I look better with make up. Is that a bad thing? I hope not! :+)
    Interesting though… I am one of the few in my group of friends who wear make up on a regular basis. Even my almost 16 year old daughter wears only a minimal amount most days and other days doesn’t bother at all. I guess I should be thankful I haven’t lived through the heavy eyeliner and horrid shadow shades with her that most moms deal with.

  8. I live in the South. We are born with makeup. One of the worst things you can say about a woman is, “I saw her at Wal-Mart yesterday and SHE DIDN’T HAVE ANY MAKEUP ON.” That’s akin to, oh, I don’t know, saying she puts too much mayonnaise in her chicken salad and played tennis last week instead of going to church. There are just some things you don’t do.

  9. LSM

    Oh, shoalswriter, don’t forget one of the ultimate no-nos using dark meat in chicken salad. I’m not sure exactly where that ranks in comparison to leaving the house without makeup, but it’s got to be right up there!

  10. Tanya

    Love make-up, too! I’ve noticed this past year has been particularly harsh to my overall complexion. My family has finally taken it’s toll on my youthful looks! Curse them! I used to be able to go w/o much make-up, but now require it to look like I’m not dead. This is not an exaggeration or a pity party, just the honest to goodness truth and probably TMI. 🙂

    Since you love make-up, have you succumbed to the mascara that spins itself?

  11. LSM

    I have to admit Tanya that I’m afraid to try the spinning mascara. I wear contacts, so I feel like I’m pushing the limits a little with waterproof in the first place. I just know I’d stick myself in the eye!

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