In Not Out

I am quite proud to say that we did not eat out for even one meal this weekend.  We’ve been trying to cut back to benefit both our wallets and our waistlines!

On Friday, we enjoyed dinner at a friend’s house.  Last night, we had spaghetti with Adventure Guy’s patented sauce, and tonight we made Napa Valley Cabernet BurgersMimi shared this recipe several years ago, and I decided the unseasonably warm weather called for celebration via cooking out.

For both ease and making the recipe a bit more kid-friendly, I substitute whole wheat hamburger buns for the focaccia.  And, I will say that the locally-made white cheddar cheese I picked up at our farmer’s co-op added a particularly nice touch this time. 

And, now, I am very full and a little sleepy.  Not quite sure I’ll be ready for my 6:00 a.m. gym date tomorrow!

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  1. I may follow your lead. Any chance of getting the patented sauce recipe? I promise not to bottle and sell it!

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