One Of Those Days

I’ve heard it said that if a mother gets to the end of the day with all of her children still alive, she’s been successful.  I hope that’s the going standard because I didn’t have the most stellar of all days on the mothering front.

First, DD1 stayed home sick today.  That in itself isn’t a problem since she wasn’t terribly ill and could fend for herself. I congratulated myself first thing this morning on remembering to call in her absence to school.  That would be the last praise I was due, however, considering that I had to run home at lunch to pick up my cell phone which I’d conveniently left on the counter and proceeded to run into the house, pick up the phone, and leave again without remembering that DD1 was there.  I also forgot to call her music teacher to tell her DD1 wouldn’t be at her lesson today.

Feeling like a total loser mom, I left work right at 5:00 so that I could get DD2 to dance lessons on time.  Adventure Guy often helps with the Thursday rounds, but he was out of town today.  As I drove towards home about 5:15, Soccer Boy called to ask if I planned to take him to basketball.  Yes, I’d totally forgotten about his practice–that started at 5:00.  Fortunately, he thought it started at 5:30.  I dropped him off, called our neighbor whose son is also on the team to beg a ride home for him, and then took DD2 to dance. 

Things picked up a bit after that since I decided to hang out at dance and wait for her rather than running around during the hour-long class.  I had a chance to catch my breath and read a bit, something I continued to do after I dropped DD2 off next at her meeting with her confirmation mentor.

When she finished, I drove her home, finally feeling nice and relaxed.

And discovered one of the dogs had peed on the couch.


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  1. ramblingmom

    May tomorrow be better.

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