DD1: The Year In Review

Today brings the first birthday of the year here in Suburbia.  DD1 turned 15, celebrating her own new year with a day off of school thanks to our latest round of snow, sleet, and ice.  As I pondered an appropriate birthday post, I couldn’t settle on any one thing to highlight.  It’s been an amazing year for her in so many ways.

So, I present DD1’s year in review.

In January, I shared her birth story as I wished her a happy 14th birthday. 

By February she was busy giving fashion advice on good days and morphing into a typical angst-filled teen on bad days.  Slowly, but surely, I started figuring out how to deal with this new creature who suddenly lived upstairs.

In March, we set aside all that moodiness (uh, both hers and mine) and headed to Belize for what turned out to be a wonderful family vacation.

April brought success in Odyssey of the Mind state competition, while May simply brought home the fact that I am “like, totally embarrassing.”

DD1 looks forward to June every year, as she attends camp from June 1st through 25th.  When I put her on the bus last year, I never imagined the scary call I’d get midway through the session. I’m so thankful all ended well. 

In July we did lots of hanging out and enjoying summer both in Galveston and at home before DD1 started high school in August.  It’s still hard for me to comprehend that I’m the mother of a freshman!

And the freshman experience seems to have brought out the best in DD1.  In September, I couldn’t believe the transformation in attitude and even looks that magically happened between 8th and 9th grade.  Unfortunately, October wasn’t a good month health-wise, which caused some struggles keeping up in school. 

Things turned around in November, a month which also brought another major milestone–DD1’s first boyfriend.  The relationship lasted through December and into this month before ending in a seemingly amicable fashion. Hmm, I wonder if there’s someplace to record that in the baby book?

And, now, January rolls around again.  DD1 arrives at 15 not only officially taller than her mother but also far more responsible and mature  than she was this time last year.  She’s coming into her own, both personally and academically

Happy Birthday, DD1.  I can’t wait to see what this year brings!


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  1. It’s nice to see that life with a teenage girl doesn’t have to be about angst 100% of the time. Happy Fifteen, DD1!

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