Looking For Warmth

It’s cold and supposed to get colder here in Suburbia.  The weather gods may even throw in a little more freezing rain and sleet just for fun.  What happened to good, old-fashioned snow with its potential for a little enjoyment to go along with the cold?  I miss it.

If I had to characterize this weekend, the word would have to be dreary.  The weather is gray and so are people’s spirits.  I got too little sleep and I’m not feeling fabulous–not bad enough to really stop and be “sick” but not at the top of my game.  Adventure Guy, who is in sales, has been grumpy here at the end of his quarter for reasons that should be obvious to anyone paying attention to the economy.

But life goes on, so we carpooled.  DD2 took the SAT as part of the Duke talent search program.  Her 7th grade assessment of the experience?  Boring and long.  I’d warned her not to be thrown by not knowing everything she came across on the test, and she seems to have taken it to heart.  It will be interesting to see how she does when we get the results back. 

Besides shuttling DD2 to the high school at 7:45 a.m. on Saturday, we also got Soccer Boy to his basketball team pictures and game and his Pinewood Derby competition.  DD1 had Odyssey of the Mind practice this weekend as well as a study session.  In between all that, Adventure Guy and I managed to attend my employee appreciation banquet, where I was officially appreciated for the year and go to church to DD2’s confirmation kickoff meeting.

But even with all that activity, it’s still awfully cold.  So, we both attempted to warm things up around here, Adventure Guy by building a lovely fire in the fireplace and me by making homemade stew and cornbread.  I’ve been looking for a good stew recipe for a while, and I think I may have found a winner.  I halved the recipe and added some Cajun seasoning while the carrots and potatoes were cooking at the end.  We like our stew just a bit spicy.  I also substituted the small, multicolored fingerling potatoes for the white boiling potatoes called for in the recipe, removing the need to peel the potatoes before adding them to the stew.  I did take the advice in the recipe regarding making the stew the day before.  I made it yesterday afternoon and then added some additional water and warmed it up while I made the cornbread tonight.  Yummy!


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