I Needed That

The Beginning: 

  • 5:30 a.m. alarm
  • Workout with trainer from 6:00-6:45, cutting session 15 minutes short
  • Pick up DD1 and DD2 at the house.  Drop off DD1 at school to make up test missed during absence last week.  Drop off DD2 at her school because bus ride is still too jarring for her post-surgery.
  • Race home to shower and dress
  • Drop Soccer Boy off at before school Friday activity
  • Arrive at dermatologist’s office (located approximately 25 minutes from home) at 8:25 for 8:30 a.m. appointment.
  • Feel like I’ve already done enough in three hours to call it good for the day.

The End:

  • Feel like the best thing on earth to do upon arriving home from work–much more than three hours after I arrived at the doctor’s office–would be change into pajamas and curl up in bed with my laptop and a good book.
  • Instead, pick up DD1’s friend and drop the two of them off for dinner and a movie. 
  • Take DD2 by Subway to pick up something to eat
  • Take Soccer Boy to his favorite local restaurant for dinner
  • Arrive at All-American High for the Friday night double-header basketball game where Soccer Boy is an honorary starter on his elementary school’s night.
  • Sit next to a group of my colleagues from All-American High and their assorted spouses and kids.
  • Have an absolutely great time watching good basketball (a close loss for the girls to the state’s number one team and a route by our boys over our cross-town rival) and catching up with my friends.
  • Watch Soccer Boy’s ecstatic reaction to being introduced at the beginning of the game and having the chance to hang out with the players first at midcourt and then on the bench for the game.
  • Go home realizing that getting out proved to be totally worthwhile.

My overall personality tends toward being a homebody.  While I should have learned this by now, I’m often surprised at how much fun I have when I make the effort to get out and about, something I’m even less likely to do when Adventure Guy isn’t with me as was the case tonight since he’s on his annual pheasant hunt with friends. 

While I was ready for a change in my work life a couple of years ago when I moved from being a principal at All-American High to working in the central office as an assistant superintendent, being away from the action that is life as a high school administrator proves hard at times.  I left a fabulous team that I counted as friends as well as colleagues, and I definitely miss the day in and day out interactions with teenagers (Teenagers I didn’t birth that is.  I’m still good on interaction with those who live with me).  There’s also something about the ebb and flow of the year at a school that doesn’t happen at the more business-like setting of my new office. 

So, though I don’t miss required work duties at the multitude of All-American High events overall, I can’t imagine anywhere I would rather have been tonight than surrounded by friends, watching Soccer Boy cheer on our team.


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