Nothing Was Stirring

All I can hear beyond the clicking on my keyboard is the occasional blurb from Saturday-morning television.  Adventure Guy took Soccer Boy to a pinewood derby building session for Scouts this morning, DD1 never rises before noon on Saturday, or preferably 1:00 p.m. if her mother is feeling lenient, and DD2 arrived in our room around 9:30 a.m. wondering if she could take another pain pill.  Once we got her settled in with that, she promptly dozed off on the air mattress we’ve set up in the family room–hence the strains of Suite Life, etc. 

Life in Suburbia for the past few days has taken on a bubble-like quality.  I left the house briefly yesterday to pick up some Blockbuster movies for DD2, using the gift card her two closest friends sweetly brought over after she got home from the hospital.  But other than that, things have revolved around taking care of DD2 and also DD1 who had some sort of virus and stayed home from school Thursday and Friday.  I’ve been making chicken soup–we joke that it’s just like Grandma makes because Grandma uses packaged Lipton mix too–doing laundry, bringing drinks, and dispensing meds.

Today, if all is going well, I’ll leave long enough for both Adventure Guy and me to cheer on Soccer Boy in his second basketball game of the season.  We’ll see.  I’m still not ready to leave DD2 for very long.  As I said, she’s left me for long enough already this week.


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