I’m Still Here!

I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t make a New Year’s resolution along the lines of “blog more consistently.” 

I’m here.  Heading back to work and coordinating a big Junior League project this week left little time for writing.  But, I wanted to share today’s cause for celebration.  DD1 pulled out an A in a course she’s worked very hard in all semester long yet still found herself needing to ace the final to get the top grade.  I’m really proud of her dedication both before and during the break to prepare.  And, I’ll admit she proved me wrong.  I’d encouraged her to devote her efforts to some of her other classes since statistically it wasn’t that likely she’d raise her grade, and it was almost impossible for her to do so poorly that she’d drop to a C.

She literally screamed and jumped up and down when she found out she’d made the A from the online grade portal this afternoon.  Now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her math final tomorrow, where she needs to do well to keep her B!


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