At Least It’s Not The First Impression

So, I’ve been on a bit of a self-imposed Internet hiatus over the past couple of days. While my parents do have connectivity, it’s not the wireless access I’ve become accustomed to at home, and blogging means relegating myself to the back room–that is if the back room is not commandeered by various children playing computer games.

But this morning’s events seemed destined for the blogosphere.   A bit of background is needed, first.  My parents live across the street from my grandmother.  Between the two houses, there are one queen-size bed, three double beds, a twin bed, and a crib available for guests.  This seems like quite a lot until we try to pile six adults and eight children into the two houses.  I must also note that two of the double beds are less-than-ideal in the mattress department.  Previously, Adventure Guy and I, as the ranking oldest married couple among the second generation, always garnered the queen bed at my parents’ house.  We, however, have been booted in favor of my brother and his wife and their new baby.  I’ll admit this development rankled the entitled first child in me.  But, I’ve been good and not complained.

Which explains why I was soundly asleep this morning at my grandmother’s house when a friend from high school stopped by.  We’d been trying to connect while we were both in town but hadn’t been successful.  She has younger kids, so she thought she’d just drop by on their way out of town, not imagining that we’d still be asleep.  One of the best parts about having teenagers is that I get to sleep in too.  I know that other people evidently outgrow that need, but I am not one of them.

The first thing I hear a little before ten a.m. was my grandmother, who is more than a little deaf, yelling, “Yoo, hoo!  LSM?  Are you awake?”  Of course, I hadn’t been, but I said, “What time is it?”  No answer. 

“LSM?  Someone’s here to seee you!”

“Who is it?”

“Are you awake?  Someone’s heeeere!”

“Okay, who is it?  I’m not dressed.”

“Wake up!  Someone’s here to seeee yoooooo!”

Adventure Guy:  “Will you just go out there?  I think it must be A.”

So, I stumbled out into the hall in my pajamas with my unbrushedteeth to greet my guest, who did indeed turn out to be A.  Who now thinks that not only am I lazy but that I’m mean to my 90-year-old grandmother.  She also mentioned she stopped by my parents’ house first where shee mistook my younger sister for DD1. So, I’ve got all that going for me. 

There’s nothing like lots of family around to make things interesting.  We’ve had our family Christmas and also gone out to my aunt’s farm for the extended family gathering yesterday.  The count there was 13 children ranging from 3 months to 14 years plus 16 adults.  Fortunately, the rain storms that passed through earlier in the day let up so that the kids could run around and explore outside and the adults had the house to themselves so that we could focus on eating all the treats we’d brought along. 

We’ll hang out here again today, making sure to get in some authentic Tex-Mex food along the way, before we head home to Suburbia tomorrow.  Where most of all, I’m looking forward to sleeping in my very own, king-size bed!


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3 responses to “At Least It’s Not The First Impression

  1. Samantha

    It sounds like you have been having lots of fun.

  2. Oh my gosh! I’m 51, my brothers are 47 and 35 and we still fight over who gets the choice bedrooms when we go on family trips — and by “fight” I mean look daggers at each other over morning coffee. And woe to those who get relegated to the kids’ room with bunk beds!!! You are so right that we ranking oldest children do not give up our entitlements easily. The best beds are rightfully ours!

  3. Darci

    D and I have wondered if we are the only 40+ people who still sleep in whenever we have the chance? It seems like most of our friends in the same age category are up bright and early even on weekends and vacations. I don’t get it?!

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