Why The Dogs Love Christmas Eve

Adventure Guy Preparing Fondue
Adventure Guy Preparing Fondue

Our Christmas Eve celebration  blends the traditions of both of our extended families.  Once we moved to Suburbia, Adventure Guy’s hometown, we decided Christmas Eve would be our own family’s time together.  On Christmas Day, we all meet up at his mother’s house, and on the 26th, we travel to my family in Texas where we’ll be met by my siblings and their families and sneak in some time with my aunt and uncle and cousins on my mother’s side as well. 

But tonight, it’s just about us.  We’re about to leave for church in a few minutes.  After the service, we’ll return for our traditional fondue dinner–the preparations for which led to great ecstasy among the canine members of the family earlier this afternoon.  I’ve got the broccoli and cheese casserole (shh..don’t tell Adventure Guy, he doesn’t eat casseroles) ready for the oven, and the baked potatoes for twice-baked potatoes are cooling.  I’ll finish those off and put the bread in the oven when we get back home.

After dinner, we’ll decorate our Christmas cookies that I baked last night, and the kids and Adventure Guy will watch “It’s A Wonderful Life.”  And, for an evening, the magic of Christmas will settle in after all the hustle and bustle of the preparations, and we’ll remember why we celebrate and what’s important in life.

Merry Christmas to all–and to all a good night!



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2 responses to “Why The Dogs Love Christmas Eve

  1. These family traditions are what your children will remember years from now. Good for you!

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