Who Says Monday Can’t Be Date Night?

Yesterday, as I slogged through the last few hours of work prior to vacation, Adventure Guy called and asked the magic question, “Want to do dinner and a movie tonight?”

It had  been far too long since we’d snatched a few hours together away from the kids.  This semester, in particular, rushed by on a seemingly faster and faster pace, often with no apparent end of the road in sight.  Couple with holiday preparations and social obligations, we just hadn’t hung out together as a couple, hadn’t had a chance to really talk.

Once we’d decided the kids could fend for themselves quite well for a few hours, we made a date for 5:30 p.m.–leaving plenty of time for Mexican food prior to showtime.  I couldn’t wait to drive off into the dark with Adventure Guy, and as we hopped into his new toy, the Jeep Rubicon, we immediately launched into full-scale catching up.  Sometimes it’s amazing how we manage to live together and still be so busy that we miss important details along the way.

We talked all through dinner–fajitas, which I love–and still had time before the show to wander through Barnes & Noble, where I bought a last-minute gift for Soccer Boy and spent the gift certificate I’d received from a co-worker on a new book for myself as well. 

Though I could have spent much more time browsing, I didn’t regret at all the loss of further book-buying opportunity once I settled in to the movie we’d chosen, Slumdog Millionaire.  I highly recommend this film to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.  With scenes from India both absolutely beautiful and shockingly cruel, the movie tells the story of a young man who competes in the Indian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.  In a series of flashbacks, the audience learns how a poor, barely-educated, tea server manages to get to the next-to-the-last question on the show.  And, yes, in the end you do find out if he wins or not, but I won’t spoil that here. 

I haven’t enjoyed a movie this much in quite some time.  The plot, acting, and cinematography are all noteworthy.  Here’s the trailer for just a glimpse.  Again, if you have the chance, go see Slumdog Millionaire.



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2 responses to “Who Says Monday Can’t Be Date Night?

  1. Samantha

    Would like to wish you and your family a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and New Year. Thank you for the movie rec. It seems like forever since I’ve seen a good movie, I will be sure to check that one out when it comes out over here.

  2. Date nights are so valuable. Good for you and your husband for making the time during such a busy season. My husband and I have a standing Sunday-night date for beer and Mexican food out. When the kids were younger and at home, of course, Sunday nights were full of get-ready-for-school anxiety but now that we’ve got an empty nest, it’s party night!

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