The Final Touches

We managed to get our Christmas tree on Sunday prior to the ice storm, and tonight we added the decorations.  I’m feeling good about how the house will look this weekend for our Sunday school class party on Friday and the girls’ party for their friends on Sunday. 

I’ve also included a couple of shots of the latest decorations I inherited from my mother-in-law this year.  She’s downsizing her decorating efforts now that they’ve moved to a bit smaller home.



New Santa

New Santa

Not sure about these yet...

Not sure about these yet...



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2 responses to “The Final Touches

  1. Wonderful pictures. I love them all.

  2. Thanks for agreeing to the meme. Here are your questions. Because I’m lazy, the first four I’m giving to everybody who asked (#2 is stolen from the ones lass gave me, because I had fun thinking about the answer). But the last one is just for you!

    1. Your house is on fire. All the people and pets are already out and safe. You can take only one thing with you. What will it be and why?

    2. A benefactor has agreed to fund you for a year. There are no strings attached – you can do whatever you’d like for 12 months, practical or frivolous, and have it all paid for by this person. What will you do?

    3. Tell me about your favorite place (you can interpret this as narrowly or broadly as you like — a cozy chair, an interesting continent). Why is it your favorite? When did you first go there? When did you last go there? What is your favorite memory there? Is there someone you would especially like to take there?

    4. Of all the things that you have made or done in your life so far, what are you most proud of? Why does the thing you picked mean the most to you?

    5. What made you decide on a career in education? Did you have a favorite teacher(s) who inspired you? What about them made them special?

    Thanks for playing!

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