‘Tis The Season

It seems that it wouldn’t be a proper winter around Suburbia these days without an ice storm.  Each of the prior two years, we’ve suffered lengthy school closures because of ice, so I wasn’t completely surprised when I received the call this morning at 5:25 a.m. that we’d be closing school today after a freakish round of sleet early yesterday evening–freakish because at 3:00 p.m. it was 75 degrees, and by 9:00 p.m. I had literal drifts of ice pellets in the yard.

I still held out hopes, as did DD1 who doesn’t want her final exams postponed until after the winter break, that the road conditions would allow for school today.  Our weather typically turns colder in January and February, so I hate to burn weather days this early.  But by the time I received the call this morning, the streets glistened with a coat of ice a couple inches thick, making it completely unsafe to run the buses through the hilly neighborhoods in this part of town.

Once I could think straight after being awakened at 5:15 with a call from my trainer cancelling our appointment this morning, again at 5:25 so that I could call the principals who report to me, and then again at 6:30 when the school notification system for students reached our house, I decided to aim for making it in to the office around 9:00.  While students and teachers get to stay home on snow days, administrators and support personnel who work year-round report to work.

After one harrowing moment during my drive when I couldn’t guarantee my ability to stop prior to entering the major road by our house–thankfully, I had allowed plenty of room between my car and the one if front of me and had observed that car moving to the left and into a bit of a drift for traction–I made it to work without incident.  I decided lunch wasn’t worth leaving the safety of the parking lot for, and worked straight through with a small trip to the vending machine.  I’ll be taking lunch tomorrow!

And I’ll need it because we’ve already called school off again.  I’m hoping we’re back in on Wednesday.  And, I’m even more thankful that I’ve done all of my Christmas shopping.  This is a year when procrastination definitely won’t pay off.



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3 responses to “‘Tis The Season

  1. AAHHHGGGH! Ice? The stuff scares me to death! To be perfectly honest, I don’t even really like snow. Well, I like to watch it fall, but I also like for it to be gone the next day:)

    I’m such a summer girl, and I have been mourning the closing of my pool since October 2. Sad, but true!

    Glad you finished your shopping before the storm! **jealous** Usually I am WAY finished by now, but this year I just haven’t been in the mood:( It will get done, but my heart doesn’t seem to be in it for some reason.

    Thanks for the tag! I will try to get that one up before Christmas…..

  2. That’s no fair that you have to go to work when everybody else gets to stay home!

  3. LSM

    It’s the difference in my contract as compared to a teacher contract. I’m contracted for year-around work and get vacation days while they are contracted to work a certain number of days and follow the school calendar for holidays. They’ll work additional days later to make up for the days missed this week, but I would have normally worked those days anyway. I could take vacation or a personal day if I really didn’t want to come in, but I’d rather save those days for something more fun.

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