Things To Ponder

  • Why is it that the most likely time for an unexpected commitment to arise is during the week when absolutely every evening is already booked?
  • How does one gracefully “unfriend” someone on Facebook?  I seem to have requested a friend by mistake, and, while I did vaguely know this person in the past, I wouldn’t exactly call her a friend.
  • Will LSM ever remember prior to the actual day of the lesson each week that DD1 has cello lessons on Thursday at 4:15?  There must be some psychological explanation for my inability to file this piece of information into permanent memory.
  • Does the fact that I agreed to enter a contest my trainer is holding to see which of her clients can lose the most weight between now and February make me crazy?
  • And, the actual inspiration for this post…is it truly possible that any woman would actually date a man who has a sign on the back of his pickup window that says, complete with illustration, “My other toy has tits”?


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3 responses to “Things To Ponder

  1. Ummm – I really don’t care if ANY woman dates a man with that sign. I just hope it isn’t one of our daughters.

  2. Simone

    Just delete your ‘friend’. S/he is unlikely to know and won’t be notified. And if they find out I guess you can just say it was a random error or an administrator problem on facebook! But assuming they have a few friends already they’re not likely to notice your absence…

  3. justmytype1

    I have someone who mysteriously unfriended me, but she was just someone I vaguely knew from the past, so other than a brief, “hm..” I really didn’t care. The only reason I even noticed was because she had written a long email about my kids, my life, etc. just asking questions, very polite. It must have taken me too long to get back to her! 🙂 Just remove her from your friends. She probably won’t even notice.

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