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Okay, so Rambling Mom tagged me for the 12 Gift Meme. I’m loving this tag right now since my focus on getting all my Christmas shopping and preparations complete has made for rather sparse blogging lately.  And, instead of listing all the things I’m busy compiling for my loved ones,  I decided there’s no better place to make things all about me than on my very own blog.

LSM’s Top Twelve Gifts:

12.  A gift certificate to any major book store.  I might as well go around saying, “Hello, my name is LSM, and I have a hardback book problem.”  I love reading and have a need to own what I read.

11.  Bath supplies.  Preferably Bliss Lemon and Sage Sappy Soap and body cream.  I love the smell, and the cream is the only thing I’ve found that effectively keeps dry skin at bay during the winter.

10.  Pampering on the house.  I love spa treatments, massages, pedicures, you name it.  I’m always happy to receive gift certificates that I can use for a little post-holiday destressing.

9.  Sonic Gift Card.  Those not blessed with Sonic drive-ins may not be aware of the existence of their perfect pellet ice.  It’s amazing.  It’s even more amazing with the addition of Diet Coke and vanilla flavoring.  Lately that’s been my caffeine delivery mechanism of choice.

8.  Radko Christmas Ornament.  I collect these, and love to find a good deal on them on eBay–though that’s more likely after Christmas than before.

7.  DVR.  A few years ago, Adventure Guy got me a DVR for my birthday.  And, yes, I’d begged for it.  It changed my life in all the ways I’d hoped for, and now, I’m envious of the ability of the newer units to record two shows simultaneously.

6.  World peace.  Come on, who doesn’t want world peace?

5.  New pajamas.  We have a tradition that on Christmas Eve all of the kids open one gift from us, and it’s always pajamas.  Having assessed the current state of many of my own pajamas, I’ve decided it would probably be a good idea to request some new ones of my own.

4.  Jewelry.  Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend.

3.  Department 56 Snow Village.  Adventure Guy started a really cool tradition several years ago.  Each year, he takes the kids to pick out a new addition to my snow village collection.  I look forward to it, and the kids take special pleasure in helping me set up the village each year.

2.  Travel.  Overall, I’d rather have experiences over things.  For my 40th birthday I chose to go to Belize over having a party, and, in general, we tend to spend money going somewhere rather than buying something if we can.  My mother-in-law subscribes to the same theory, and as our Christmas present, she’s treating us all to a cruise!

1.  A brand new refrigerator.  Yes, really.  I’ve been lusting after a stainless steel, french-door refrigerator for a couple of years now.  Adventure Guy found a great Black Friday deal on one, and it’s now residing in my kitchen.  Merry Christmas to me!

The last part of the meme involves tagging twelve others to participate.  However, Rambling Mom has stolen many of my most likely recipients of such a tag.  So, I’m tagging Calvin, Big Hair Envy, Dawn, adalex72, Harriet the Spy, and anyone else who would like to play!  List 12 gifts in any category–best, worst, for you, for someone else.  And if you do, be sure to link back here to tell us about it.



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4 responses to “Gift Tag

  1. ramblingmom

    LSM, thanks for playing, and everyone else PLEASE link back — because it’s all about me getting gift ideas from everyone else.

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