‘Tis The Season

It’s official.  Suburbia received our first Christmas cards of the season today.  The good news?  My own cards are sitting on my dresser just waiting to be addressed, and my holiday paper for the annual family ABC list (all the highlights, one for each letter of the alphabet) arrived a couple of days ago as well.  The bad news?  That ABC list?  Not written. 

But it’s also the season for holiday celebrations.  I’ve had to turn down an invitation to a cookie exchange on Saturday because I’ll be working a shift at a Junior League fundraiser.  However, I just accepted another invitation and will be hosting the party for our Sunday school class.  I also will attend holiday concerts for DD1’s orchestra and DD2’s vocal music group and Soccer Boy’s class party.  In addition Soccer Boy is in a play at school (non-holiday themed but still this month) and the children’s Christmas play at church (which, somewhat ironically, conflicts with the party I’m invited to for All-American Public Schools’ law firm).  There’s a possibility we’ll have one or two other parties that I don’t yet know about, but just reading all that makes me tired.

Which is why our big party of the season happens on New Year’s Day rather than during the Christmas season.  Those invitations arrived in the mail today, giving me–yes–another thing to address.  But by the time New Year’s rolls around, I’ll have had plenty of time away from work, and I’ll be ready for one last celebration before it’s time to return.

And speaking of celebrations, I’m interested in two things.  First, what’s your favorite holiday celebration or tradition?  And second, I’m in need of some white elephant gift ideas for two different parties.  If you have a classic one to recommend, I’d appreciate it!



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2 responses to “‘Tis The Season

  1. Back in the days when my church had yearly white elephant parties, I’d either 1) recycle the gift I got the previous year or 2) pick up a tacky souveneir on a trip (things like Mannakin-Pis corkscrews were made for this.)

    Other choices 1) big gaudy Christmas mug or 2) anything from the Dollar Tree.

  2. Darci

    Two of our holiday traditions began back when I was a child and my children have enjoyed them through the years as well… even at 11 and 15 our girls still wholeheartedly participate in:

    1. Acting out the story of Jesus’ birth on Christmas Eve. We begin with the angels announcements to Mary and Joseph and continue through the time the wise man came to seek the new King. This is NOT a highly serious time as proved by the year that my 4 year old daughter wanted to be “Mary” and she wanted Grandpa (at 64 years old) to be “baby Jesus!” It’s one of my favorite pictures of them as my Dad lays his head on her lap pretending to be her baby. :+) They always enjoy seeing who gets the part of the donkey who has to transport a pregnant Mary as well!

    2. Filling up travel mugs with hot cocoa, making a big bowl of popcorn, getting in our jammies and driving around after dark to several affluent neighborhoods admiring all of the beautiful christmas lights/displays. Some people around here even have their christmas lights “dancing” to the tune of the carols they have blasting over a loud speaker outside! Quite impressive.

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