The Glitter Years

“You’ve got to speak to DD2 about her eyeshadow,” Adventure Guy said as we stood on the sidelines of last night’s All-American High football playoff game.  He’d obviously been ruminating about the newly-debuted glitter look since our pre-game dinner.  My response?  “Ya, I’ll take care of that just as soon as I can block the memory of my 80s teal and purple mascara out of my mind.”

I won’t share his next comment regarding installing a pole in her room–oops, I guess I did share that.  But really, the look wasn’t trashy so much as silly.  And, it will pass, just like DD1s obsession with dark black eyeliner completely surrounding her eyes now has evolved into very natural, neutral eyeshadow.  I’m convinced the less said about these things the better.  Anything that can be washed off is not worth lots of parental energy.

And speaking of parental energy, I have to say that while the constant business and running from one extracurricular activity to the next takes lots of effort, I’m enjoying this stage of parenting–yes, even complete with teenage drama–much more than any stage that’s come before. Of course, I loved my kids when they were babies, toddler, and preschoolers, but I really love where we are right now.  I like being able to have deeper conversations with them and to share mutual interests.  And, let’s be honest, I like that they now all sleep in on the weekends, allowing me to do the same! 

And, yes, even though I’m happy with where we are right now, I still, like so many other mothers before me, wonder how the years flew by so quickly.  At last night’s game, Adventure Guy and I had Soccer Boy and his friend with us on the sidelines (a perk of my job that the guys really enjoy!) while DD1 and DD2 hung out in the stands with their friends.  As DD1 approached us after the game, it was hard to believe that grown-up high school girl was ours and even harder to take in that she’ll be leaving home in just a little over three years.

It’s gone by so fast…which is why this Thanksgiving season one of the things I’m thankful for is the realization that I need to enjoy the laughter at dinner, the excitement of watching my kids compete in various sports, and even just the everyday ebb and flow of our busy lives while it lasts.  Because sooner than I expect, I’ll be writing about how it seems like just yesterday when they were all home with us.


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