Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Table

The children successfully carried out their plan to make the upstairs fit for human habitation; the cleaning people have come and gone.  The two tables for tomorrow’s adult guests are set. I’ve made cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole, pecan pie, and chocolate sundae dessert (so. not. Thanksgiving.  But it was by special request).  Adventure Guy is currently buzzing around the kitchen injecting turkeys with “Voodoo Glue” in preparation for deep frying them tomorrow.

We are more or less ready.  I still need to whip up a couple of dips I’ll be serving as appetizers tonight, and then tomorrow I’ll bake the dressing and sweet potatoes, make regular mashed potatoes, and set the children’s table before guests arrive at noon. Oh, and did I mention that Adventure Guy brought home some new raspberry infused vodka from his trip to the liquor store to pick up wine?  I’ll be having one of his famous Red Bull martinis in the very near future.  After all the preparations, I figure I deserve it!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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2 responses to “Ready!

  1. Beautiful! Have a wonderful day.

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