Thoughts On Thankfulness

In a couple of days, I’m sure the blogosphere will fill to the brim with posts sharing all the things people are thankful for this season.  And, while I love the idea of official thankfulness, I thought I’d jump ahead a bit and concentrate on being thankful as I run around busily preparing for the holiday dinner we’re hosting in Suburbia. 

At times the thought of nineteen people crowding into the house, bringing with them the typical extended-family stresses, makes me lose sight of what we’re celebrating in the first place.  It’s easier to focus on all the preparations and the small slights or misunderstandings than to stop and take time to count all the blessings along with the business.

So, before I dive in to cooking tomorrow–recipes later–I thought I’d share the reasons I’m thankful this year.

  1. The fact that food actually fell out of my freezer when I was adding the dessert I’m preparing for Thursday.  In this time of economic hardship, we are truly blessed to be able to eat well.
  2. That my husband does the “little things” to show he cares.  He knew I wanted the cabinet knobs switched out to better match all the renovations in our kitchen and made sure it got taken care of before we have people over on Thursday.
  3. Though I learned that she was “in a relationship” through her updated Facebook status today, I am thankful for good, open interaction with DD1 after a rather stressful year last year.  At least she filled me in on the details once I got home from work! It’s like a different person has moved in to replace the formerly sullen teen who used to live upstairs.
  4. I am thankful that I had the year of challenges with DD1 to better prepare me to deal with DD2 who seems intent upon filling the sullen teen void that existed after DD2 left that zone.
  5. And, finally, I am thankful for a job that provides me with challenging work and a good salary even if at times parts of it drive me more than a little crazy.  I’ve been in a bit of a funk regarding things at the office, and I need to remember that the bad goes along with the good in any position.

I’ve taken tomorrow as a vacation day, so I will not have to start applying item number five until next Monday.  I hope everyone enjoys their holiday and that the long weekend starts for you sooner rather than later!



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2 responses to “Thoughts On Thankfulness

  1. Darci

    Good reminders for me today…. thanks!

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