T Is For…

When MLL over at Are We There Yet? offered up participation in the random letter meme, I raised my hand and asked for a letter.  Even though I’m not doing NaBloPoMo this year, I figured I’d need to have something in reserve for the inevitable “nothing to write about” day.    MLL graciously obliged by assigning me the letter T. 

So, here we go, ten things I like that begin with the letter T…

  1. Travel.  I love to travel and would choose going on a trip over receiving some other sort of gift.  A great example of this is our trip last spring to Belize for my 40th birthday. 
  2. Tin Star Restaurant.  This is one of my favorite places for lunch during the work week.  I love the black bean quesadillas.
  3. The Amazing Race.  The whole family enjoys this show, and it’s fun to have something we can all watch together.  It’s the only reality show we still watch, having lost interest in Survivor a long time ago.
  4. Time.  Especially free time.  I’m the kind of person who really needs her down time.  I love to read and sleep and relax.  Unfortunately, that’s been hard to come by lately. 
  5. Tans.  I don’t tan on purpose any more.  I’ve come to understand that I was not meant to be tan, what with my very fair skin and family history of skin cancer.  That does not mean I’ve learned not to think they look good.  Thank goodness for self tanner!
  6. Tea.  I have a great way of making iced tea in the summer with lots of sugar and a little splash of orange juice.  It’s very, very yummy but calorie-laden.  So I save it for really hot days and drink regular iced tea or hot tea otherwise.
  7. Trees.  Right now the trees around Suburbia are putting on quite the fall show.  The reds, oranges, and yellows are just stunning.
  8. Turquoise.  This is one of my favorite colors.  It makes me happy when I wear it.  I also really like the new turquoise cuff bracelet and earrings Adventure Guy brought home from his recent trip to Santa Fe.
  9. T-shirts.  What would we do without them? 
  10. Tagging.  It’s always fun to see what other people do with the memes that circulate around the web.  If you’re reading this and would like to try out the letter challenge for yourself, leave a comment and I’ll send a letter your way.

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